On Friday 11th February the 2022 MHCSA Mental Health Forum brought together South Australian MPs and asked them for their vision for Mental Health in this state.

Now more than ever South Australians understand the importance of a well resourced Mental Health system that responds to an individual’s needs for support in the community. The Mental Health Coalition released a report from PwC which pointed out the economic case for supporting this system and outlined our four key asks for this coming State Election.

The MHCSA is calling for;

  • A strategy to reduce gaps in our community mental health support system by 50% within 3 years.
  • The elimination of avoidable mental health presentations in emergency departments.
  • Access to suitable sustainable housing that allows people to recover and remain well.
  • Embedding the expertise of Lived Experience in system design, delivery and governance.

The 2022 MHCSA Mental Health Forum brought together key representatives of the Parties currently in State Parliament and asked them to present their vision for South Australia’s Mental Health services and respond to the MHCSA PwC Findings.

Moderated by David Washington, Editorial Director, Solstice Media. Invited panellists were;

Liberal Party, Hon Stephen Wade MLC, Minister for Health and Wellbeing

SA Labor, Mr Chris Picton, Opposition Spokesperson for Health and Wellbeing

Greens, Hon Tammy Franks MLC

SA Best, Hon Connie Bonaros MLC

Unfortunately SA Best, Hon Connie Bonaros MLC could not attend for personal reasons but you can read her speech here.

Panellists gathered in the Allan Scott Auditorium at the University of South Australia and was broadcast live via our MHCSA Facebook page which you can watch here and our YouTube channel here.