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Please join us at Floating Goose Studios Inc. for the opening of ‘A Series of Yellow Thoughts’, a solo exhibition by emerging artist Chloe Noble.

Opening event: Friday 8th October, 6 – 9pm

‘A Series of Yellow Thoughts’ is a portrayal in colour of Noble’s experiences living with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) and the ego-dystonic, terrifyingly invasive thoughts which encapsulate their mind every day.

Step into their world of yellow, this October at Floating Goose Studios.

“Entering the gallery space, we experience an amplified world of yellow, described by the artist as her “brain space.” For Noble, yellow provides relief as something tangible, something that can be used, worn, and applied as a tool of empowerment and reclamation of self. Yellow has become a recognizable sign of Noble’s projected identity she maintains as an integral part of her persona, a positive reclamation in opposition to the inner conflict of obsessive and distressing thoughts that threaten to undermine it.” – excerpt, full catalogue essay by Melanie Cooper can be read here: http://www.floatinggoose.com.au/a-series-of-yellow-thoughts/

Exhibition dates: 8th – 31st October

Gallery hours:
Thursday 12 – 4pm
Friday 12 – 6pm
Saturday 12 – 4pm
Sunday 12 – 4pm
Or by appointment

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