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Drew Magic presents a surprising show about overcoming self-doubt and fighting destructive thoughts. Journey the roller-coaster of success and failure in this light-hearted, magically punctuated, storytelling showcase of wonder. This is a performance for all ages – mental health themes are addressed in a form suitable for primary ages and above.

“The show is called Magic with a Message because I feel that the best way to show off Magic is to tell a story. Stories about real life often contain a useful message. This show follows the excitement, joys, and challenges of bringing a new idea to life.”


Diverse-City is centrally located on Grote Street in Adelaide’s CBD. It is an LGBTIQA-friendly venue committed to bringing people together regardless of ethnicity, sexuality and cultural background. UPark Central Market is right across the road.
There is rear door access to Diverse-City on Andrews Lane. Wheelchair access is across the apron within 0.5 meter to the rear door.

The disabled toilet is part of the Diverse-City building in the corridor just outside the stage doors. There are two unisex toilets near this entry and a urinal. One of the unisex toilets is also a disabled toilet. Upstairs there are an additional 3 unisex toilets.
The bar is lower than average at 90cms from the patron side as it built into the floor, making it quite accessible to all.

This will be a seated event and strobe lighting will not be used.

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