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LELAN was first introduced to the Just Listening concept by the Humane Clinic. It was quickly discovered that viewing listening and holding space with people through a justice lens, particularly where it exists outside of therapeutic/professional relationships, has been present in many parts of the world for decades.

This workshop explicitly explores listening and holding space as a justice issue, highlighting the power in people being heard, held and seen. It will provide participants with knowledge and tips for being present, building connection and holding space with others.

The way that people integrate these ideas into their life may look different for different people, depending on where you are, your purpose and your capacity to commit time. It may be someone heading to the same community space for one hour each week and setting up two chairs to be joined by anyone walking by. It could be incorporating these ideas into a peer/self-help group that you attend. It could look like a regular Connection & A Cuppa session held online via Zoom with friends, family and/or your chosen community. It might be letting people important to you know that you are available for a ‘good chat’ if that would be helpful to them.

This session will:
– Speak to why listening and holding space with others is a justice issue
– Explore the value of providing a space for connection in community and with family or friends
– Share what these ideas broadly look like in practice and tips for making it work for people that speak as well as for those that listen
– Openly explore individual ideas that participants have about how they might use these ideas in their own lives.

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