We’ve been talking for a while about a few critical things –

  • How do we address the problem of not enough skilled workforce to deliver NDIS Supports for people living with psychosocial disability?  And how do we build pathways to Recovery Coach roles?
  • How do we create affordable pathways into Mental Health Peer Worker and Support Worker roles?
  • How do we support people who come in to Peer Worker roles with either a degree qualification or other non-mental health qualification, to build on their Peer Work specific skills in a way that is affordable and attractive to do?
  • What skills and knowledge are required for a person to work safely on day one of their employment, if they don’t have a full certificate IV qualification?

Others have developed non-accredited training modules that are terrific professional development – we didn’t want to add to that.  We wanted to do something that would articulate into full Certificate IV qualifications for those who choose to continue their studies. 

The MHCSA Skill Sets project aims to develop two separate (subsidised) Skill Sets based on the Certificate IV in Mental Health and Certificate IV in Mental Health Peer Work, that will become affordable training to enable people to safely work in entry level roles as NDIS Psychosocial Support Workers, Mental Health Support Workers or as a pathway to becoming a fully trained Peer Worker while working in a support worker role.

We are currently completing a survey round that you may have participated in, with focus groups coming up in April for Mental Health Peer Workers, Mental Health Support Workers and NDIS Support Workers as well as Team Leaders for front line staff. 

Shandy Arlidge, Senior Policy Officer