A number of people receiving mental health services through state funded psychosocial rehabilitation programs have been transferring to the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). A South Australian Task Force was convened by the Office of the Chief Psychiatrist (chaired by the Chief Psychiatrist) to look at the following questions:

  1. Will there be any gaps between services a client currently receives and services received under their NDIS entitlement package?
  2. How will transition be managed to ensure participants are able to commission their NDIS services prior to state funded services ceasing and NDIS services commencing?
  3. Are there emerging trends in service gaps and issues with NDIS access, planning and implementation in South Australia with particular regard to clients with a psychosocial disability? 

In response to these questions SA Health has funded the NDIS Transition Pilot Project through the Mental Health Coalition of South Australia (MHSCA) to report on how best to support service continuity for people transferring from state funded mental health psychosocial support programs to the NDIS. 

The Individual Psychosocial Rehabilitation Support Service (IPRSS) represented the largest mental health psychosocial support service program in South Australia and the transition of people from IPRSS to NDIS was the primary focus of the Pilot Project. During the course of the project information received on the transition of people to the NDIS from other state funded psychosocial programs was also documented and where in scope contributed to the final report.    

Today we release the findings of that Pilot Project, you can read it here.