Last week saw another successful AdMental. It is hard to believe we have been doing this for four years now and each year it grows in strength.

This year’s inclusion of Accordion Hans as our host really brought a new aspect to it too. And while it was very entertaining there was a serious undercurrent of raising awareness around the importance of creating mental health messaging that is not generic for everyone. At its heart AdMental focuses on a target group and looks at addressing their mental health needs. With mental health messaging there really isn’t one message for all. Everyone experiences mental health in different ways. It is part of the human experience and the help needed is not always the same for everyone.

You can look at the advertisements from previous years here. This year’s focus was youth mental health. Young people have been impacted by COVID-19 more so than any other group with higher unemployment rates, impacts to study and socialisation. We are expecting to see the effects of it lasting up to 5 years post the pandemic.

This year’s winner was Dallas Rodgers who is in his final year of Media Studies at Adelaide University. You can watch his winning entry here.

AdMental was his first experience of the advertising industry and during the process he was mentored by Showpony Advertising. Dallas’ goal for his winning entry was to create an experience we can all relate to and make something that showed how stereotypes and labels can be flipped on its head to bond us all.

Congratulations also goes to Alice Reardon from Flinders University for taking out the Audience Choice Award. You can watch her winning entry here.

Next year we will be looking at the needs of first responders. While first responders are a small part of the population what they do everyday in their working life can have a deep impact on their wellbeing. Next year’s AdMental we hope to look at how we can help those who everyday are helping us.